ARC Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


*I wrote this review in June 2015. I read it as an ARC. I have not edited it. Also. DID YOU SEE THE TRAILER?

The trailer is making me reconsider my no more YA adaptations rule. It looks so good!

I picked this book up at midnight and thought, "if I start this now, I'm going to stay up all night reading."
Of course, I was right. (Except for being exhausted so actually only staying up until two and then finishing it when I woke up.) But the intention was there.

From the first sentence, you get sucked in. Maddy's voice is the perfect voice for this story. I loved her as soon as I met her and I was able to pity her. Being stuck in your house for your whole life because you're sick? That. Seriously. Sucks.

So how could you not feel for this girl? This girl who has only ever seen her house? Who hasn't been outside in years? Who hasn't gone to school or had a boyfriend or had sleepovers? 

When the boy next door triggers Maddy's desire for MORE, things start getting interesting.

I won't say much more in detail, because I don't want to spoil you. Everything I heard about this book was so cute and happy and heartbreaking, and all of that didn't prepare me for the ending. It was a great ending.

This reads almost like a light, fluff read, but it really isn't. The chapters are short and there's little comments and diagrams in between, which I loved. It put me inside Maddy's head even more than before. 

Nicola Yoon has a gift of writing such simple sentences with so much impact. There are sentences that nearly broke me. There are sentences that made me laugh out loud. There are sentences that made my toes curl.

I am so unbelievably impressed with this little book. It took me 3 hours to read, but never was I bored, never did I lose interest. I was never confused or lost. Wherever Maddy's mind was, I was there, too.

Everything, Everything is quirky and heartwarming, it's literally a little bit of everything. 

Nicola Yoon has found a forever reader in me with this book. And I'm eagerly waiting for whatever comes next. (And yes, I know, Everything, Everything comes out in September, so I have to wait extra long, but it's worth it. I promise)

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