The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken


*I wrote this review in 2014. I read it as a final copy. I want to reread it. Also, concerned about the movie.



I mean…holy crap.

I have heard wonderful things about this series. A lot of great reviews and whenever someone reads it, they LOVE it. I can see why.

I picked up my signed copy at Books of Wonder and am desperately waiting for Never Fade (book two) to arrive. I am dying waiting for this book. Dying.

I’m not entirely sure how to go through this review without speaking gibberish because I just loved this book so much and I feel like anything I say is inadequate.

Ruby is just ten years old when they send her away when she starts experiencing “the symptoms.” Other kids in her school have suddenly dropped dead or been sent away. Something is going on. Something only attacking the children. Ruby is sent away with other children who are showing these same symptoms, things not normal kids can do and it’s terrifying.

Now 16, Ruby is out of the camp and dealing with a world she doesn’t remember and no longer knows. Everything is different. She’s different. Banding with a group of kids like her, she goes off to find what life she can salvage for herself. What happens when what your only choice means choosing to leave the only life you want behind?

Holy crap.

To be honest, I was daunted by the 488 pages. The last few books I’ve read have barely made it to 300 and I challenged myself to read 100 pages at a time and then see. The last 250 went by in a blur seeing that I didn’t stand up once. Not to eat, not to pee. I had to find out what happens next.

This book is intense. Like everyone could die any second intense. They could die and you knew Alexandra Bracken will kill them and never bring them back. She will break your heart and have no problem with it. She broke my heart several times during this 488 page adventure. I am destroyed. I need Never Fade. I’m terrified of In the Afterlight (book three). I cannot wait to get my hands on Never Fade. (By the time this posts the book better be here…you might just read my freak out tweets on twitter)

Ruby I think is one of my new favorite heroines. She’s BA and she doesn’t know it, yet. I can’t wait to see the development of her character in Never Fade. There was such growth-from all the characters-in The Darkest Minds.

This is a must read. For everyone. Like stop reading this and go to the store and buy it (or buy it online). I don’t care go. Now. Read


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