ARC Review: Seven Days of You by Cecilia Vinesse

26138370*I read this book February 2017. I wrote this review now. I read it as an arc. As always, this is my honest opinion of this book.


I am here for the fluffy contemporary and that’s exactly what Seven Days of You is. I loved every single second of this book, because it’s adorable, and frustrating, and cute, and gives you all the feels.


The week before Sofia leaves Tokyo forever, all she wants is to spend time with her best friends and ignore the looming future. When Jamie unexpectedly moves back, everything is ruined. As the week progress, Sofia might have to admit, some things, aren’t exactly what she thought they were.

This book is pitched for Stephanie Perkins fans, and one of my all time favorite books is Anna and the French Kiss, so I was very excited to pick Seven Days of You up. The plot sounded adorable. One of my favorite tropes is enemies-turned-lovers (as well as, best friends-to-more) so I couldn’t wait to pick this book up.

I started reading when I needed stress release from my classes and I finished it in a couple of days. I loved every second reading it. It was exactly what I needed to get past a very hard week.

This book takes place in Japan and the imagery is very vivid. Sofia constantly mentions her surroundings, what she’s wearing, and what she’s eating. (Did not know there were so many unique food choices in Japan).

I really loved Sofia. She felt real. Moving is no easy feat, especially not a move of such great scale, and it’s frustrating for everyone involved. The relationships in this book sometimes could be over the top, but overall, I feel like they were realistic representations of people dealing with someone moving away.

Seven Days of You is all fluff. It’s fun, and cute, and kind of dorky. If you were a fan of the shenanigans of Anna and the French Kiss, you will enjoy reading this one too. Overall, this book made me feel happy, and that’s the best thing a book can do.

This book releases tomorrow, and I highly recommend you pick it up.


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