ARC Review: Dreamology by Lucy Keating


*I read this in May of 2016. I never reviewed it. I read this as an arc. I can’t wait for Keating’s next book (Literally-Out April 11).

This is probably the most feel-good book you will ever read. Really, if you want something with deep emotional angst and feelings and anger and agony, this is not the book for you. BUT. If you want cute, adorable, feels and ohmygoodness and squeals of delight, this is the book for you.

I present my terrible summarizing skills:

Alice is in love with the boy of her dreams. Literally. The boy she sees in her dreams. He only exists there, in that perfect dream world where everything is rainbows and happiness. Until he doesn’t. When Alice meets Dream Boy in real life…things get a little complicated.

This book is scrumptious. It’s adorable and fluffy and beautiful. I love my contemporaries with lots of love and fluff and this book delivers it 110%. There is mystery and intrigue, but I was in love with Dream Boy and Alice and the swoons and tension in between them.

The concept is original and the plot continues in a different way than I had originally expected. Lucy Keating has a knack for telling stories that we all dream about (ha. ha. ha) but can’t seem to find anywhere. I mean, how often do we think about the boy (or girl) of our dreams? Keating writes a book about what if the boy was literally in our dreams.

Speaking of literally, Keating’s next book Literally is about a character realizing she’s fictional (and the product of Keating herself). It’s intriguing as heck. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Back to Dreamology. This book is adorable, cute, and quirky. Dream Boy and Alice are ship material and you die a little whenever they’re together. The swoons in this book!

5 stars for the swoons alone.




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