ARC Review: Hunted by Meagan Spooner


*I read this in January of 2017. I’m reviewing it now. I read it as an arc. This is, as always, my honest opinion.


I love retellings. I love seeing how an author can transform a story I’ve heard a thousand times into something new. And Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairytale. That being said, whenever I find a Beauty and the Beast retelling I am both excited and hesitant.

Meagan Spooner does not disappoint with her take of the story.

Time for Kiara’s terrible summary:

When Yeva, also known as Beauty, and her family are forced to move to her father’s cabin in the woods, Yeva is actually thrilled. She knows the woods by heart. As a huntress, she finds a beast that’s not so easy to hunt and…well you know the rest.

This book is charming in all sense of the word. I was addicted to this book as I read it. It has enough of the original fairytale, but still manages to give you a different twist.

Yeva’s character is great. She’s strong and tough and caring. She’s determined and she’s not afraid of doing what it takes in order to get what she wants. The Beast is a fantastic character, as well, and definitely has more depth to his character than most Beauty and the Beast retellings do.

It’s simply fantastic.

Happiest book birthday to Hunted! I’m excited to finally get a final copy…and watch the live action movie in a couple of days. New movies releases come out on Thursdays in Puerto Rico, so I’ll be seeing it as soon as I’m out of class. Are you planning on watching it?


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