By Your Side by Kasie West


*I read this in March 2017. I wrote the review a few days after reading it. I read it as a paperback. As always, this is my honest opinion.

Kasie West has a way of making me feel happy inside. Her stories are just so adorable and cute that it’s impossible to stay mad while reading. By Your Side is a feel-good fluff read and it’s the best thing ever.


When Autumn gets locked in the library, she’s confident that her friends will realize that she’s not with them and will come back for her. As the hours pass, she realizes no help is coming and things really start looking bleak. And that’s when Autumn realizes that Dax is in the library, too. Can she really survive being locked in the library with a boy that screams bad news?

Who wouldn’t want to be locked in a library? However, the book lover’s paradise is not explored much. It’s more of a situation where they’re locked in a building that happens to be a library. While I love this novel, I wish the library had been explored more.

As it is, I loved Autumn. She felt real and her fears throughout the novel are pretty realistic all things considering. She grows throughout this novel and it shows.

There is a love triangle vibe in this, but not in the typical “I can’t decide” kind of way, but more of doing things in order to please other people way. It didn’t bother me in the least, and actually felt pretty realistic. (And it’s not this guy is great and this guy is trash, either. They’re both good guys)

This book is so swoony and fun. I loved the romance. I love the weaving of the story and how it ends. It’s adorable.


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