Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins


*I read this book way back in 2013. I reviewed it around the same time. I reread it in February 2017. I’ve read it as an eBook and a paperback. This is one of my favorite novels of all time. As always, my opinion is honest.

I had already written a draft of my review when I decided to read some of my favorite parts of the book again. This resulted in-you guessed it-reading the book again.

Not entirely, of course, but a majority, a vast majority. This book has a kind of way to pull you into it.

The story line is, well:

Anna is sent by her famous, yet, distant father to an American school in Paris. Although, not wanting to go, she does make the best of it, and meets and spends time with other students. She befriends fellow students and maintains contact (as best she can) with her friends back home. She starts falling for a boy (of course), who sadly has a girlfriend (sigh), who sort of flirts with her (???). Misadventures, mistakes, and mixed up emotions. Anna ends up having to deal with a ton of issues she never thought she’d have to deal with…in Paris!

The story line is a bit cliche, I’ll admit. But Stephanie writes the cliche so that the cliche stops being cliche, but new and adorable, and oh so cute.

Anna is relatable. When she makes mistakes and screws up. When she’s happy and in love. Her thought process feels like mine, only voiced out loud. She’s very real. And her friendships and struggles and love are very real too.

Her relationships with her family and friends are the normal teenager. Friendships get developed and undeveloped. Anna is crazy about her brother, which we only get glimpses of.

I would have preferred if the manuscript would have gotten another round of editing. There are so grammar issues (Missing “ ” for example) and sometimes the tenses are a little confusing. But even my crazy grammar nazi ways made peace and enjoyed the book.

I had heard wonderful things about Stephanie Perkins. I follow her on Twitter, and she seems to me a very funny, sarcastic, happy person. Naturally, I thought I would like the book. I didn’t know that I would love the book. This book kept me turning pages (or rather, swiping on my iPad screen) until I finished it. My toes curled at every cute scene (my toes were quite sore by the end of the book), I squealed with glee with every happy moment, and felt quite mortified in the embarrassing moments. In other words, I fell head over heels with this book.

Overall, it’s a cute read, with fun, lovable characters, and a love that just screams, home is where the heart is.

Props for being a NaNoWrimo novel as well!

Reasons for reading the book so fast: Etienne St. Clair


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